• Inspiration for innovation

    by Marc Heleven

    Cross-industry innovation expert / innovation websearch / ideaVJ

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    Cross-industry innovation expert, author and speaker. ideaVJ. Innovation web searcher.

    Innovation web search for companies and organisations (cross industry search - deep web search)
    Marc Heleven is since the beginning of internet expert in the possibilities of idea generation and innovation tracing on the web. With innovative websearches he gives companies and organizations fresh inspiration. An innovative websearch looks in related and unrelated domains for best / worst / next practices and original business ideas.

    Ramon Vullings & Marc Heleven have written their new book ‘Not Invented Here’ on cross-industry innovation. www.crossindustryinnovation.com

    ideaVJ (real time visual support for events)

    In company workshops and trainings "The internet as innovation source" / "History watching" / "Cross industry inspiration"


  • Goodies

    Free stuff

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    Innovation cheat sheet

    On one page: Brainstorm rules, Ideakillers, 6 thinking hats of De Bono, 5 levels of inventon, 20 types of innovation, Made to stick: why ideas survive?, How should these companies tackle your innovation challenge?, Try making your product or service (more) ..., Cross industry inpiration: Look for ideas in other industries, 7 levels of thinking.

    Download the innovation cheat sheet. Enjoy.

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    Cross-industry innovation tools

    7 cool tools to start you on your cross-industry journey:

    Poster set. Cross-industry research canvas. Cross-industry innovation cards set. Jackpot. Cross-industry cheat sheet. 101 cross-industry super sites. Start with the tools now. Succes.

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    42 slideshares

    Keynote Autor on Slideshare : 14.950 followers and + 1,8 million views. Discover the slideshows. Succes.

  • Cross-industry innovation

    Innovate by learning from other sectors!

    Where can a hospital apply principles from the airline sector?
    How can a car manufacturer use tools from the video game industry?
    What can an event organiser learn from the railways?


    Cross-industry innovation is a clever way to jump-start your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry, sector, area or domain.

  • Friends and colleagues

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Ramon Vullings

    Ramon Vullings is a cross-industry expert, international keynote speaker, world traveller, business author on applied creativity & innovation, enthusiastic Master of Interaction, workshop & training facilitator and ideaDJ.

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    Cyriel Kortleven

    Put Cyriel Kortleven in front of an audience and he will ignite a lot of sparks. People will become more positive and creative. They get enthusiastic to explore new paths. The results: energy, ideas and a strong basis for change.


    Kerklaan 6, Diepenbeek (Belgium)
    0032 476 564072